Rebuild Your Credit With the Experts from Norden Volkswagen

March 27th, 2018 by

Having bad credit is like climbing a hill with an anchor strapped to your back – frustrating, difficult, and exhausting. Thankfully there’s relief in sight. The financing experts here at Norden Volkswagen have put their heads together to discuss the best ways you can rebuild your credit and lose that anchor!


Build Your Credit History

The best step in re-establishing your credit is building your credit history. This means making payments on time and in full. Successfully financing or leasing a vehicle is one of the most effective ways to rapidly rebuilding your credit score, and Norden Volkswagen has plenty of affordable vehicles to choose from in our Pre-Owned Inventory.

By financing or leasing a vehicle and making payments on time, you’re showing that you can make scheduled payments. This allows the bank to improve your credit score, which in turn helps gives you access to better financing rates, and reduces the weight of that anchor.

Affordable Quality Vehicles

As aforementioned, ensuring that you can pay off your vehicle is critical – which means choosing an affordable vehicle is key. Thankfully Norden Volkswagen’s Certified Pre-Owned Inventory has plenty of quality vehicles to choose from. All of these Volkswagen’s have fewer than 160,000kms and are less than 7 years old. Plus, they have all undergone a 112-point inspection to ensure that they won’t let you down.

Apply for Financing Today

Ready to get started? Our team of financial experts are standing by to help you rebuild your credit and shed that anchor! Applying for a loan is simple, just Apply for Financing online, call us at 1 (866) 328-8546, or email us at [email protected]. We’ve helped thousands of people with bad credit secure loans, rebuild their credit score, and drive away happy! So lose that anchor and visit Norden Volkswagen today to start rebuilding your credit history!

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