Buying New vs. Used

March 15th, 2018 by

Buying a new vehicle remains one of the most rewarding feelings you can experience. While the sentiments itself feel very enticing, decisions have to be made to benefit you financially. You’re going to make some compromises along the way so you can save some money while purchasing the best vehicle for you—and that’s perfectly normal.

No matter what your buying decision, you should know about the various advantages of purchasing either a new or used vehicle. And with a wide variety of vehicles at your disposal, you’re bound to find the right one here at Norden VW. Learn more about the advantages of both new and used vehicles so you can make a more informed decision for yourself!

The Benefits of Buying New

While some people completely dismiss buying brand-new right away because of the higher costs, there are plenty of benefits otherwise. When ordering a new vehicle, you can pick and choose the trim-levels you want. Additionally, you can add the features and accessories you want to be included for a more custom purchase. With technology becoming more sophisticated in newer models, and more safety features becoming standardized by the government, you’ll have the latest and greatest installed right away.

Not only are there benefits in terms of quality assurance, but there are others for financial reasons as well. For example, your financing rates typically have little to no interest attached to them because they haven’t started depreciating yet. Another great example is that purchasing brand-new saves you more money for maintenance because you’re well within the range of the original manufacturer’s warranty.

The Benefits of Buying Used

The main reason people purchase used vehicles is for the tremendous saving compared to purchasing new. Pre-owned vehicles are some of the most financially feasible vehicles to purchase because they sell for less and the depreciation of a used vehicle lowers over time, so you can sell the vehicle after a few years without losing a lot of equity over time. Not only would you save more money by buying a used vehicle, but also with all the other costs that come along with it as well! Your registration fees, insurance, repairs and maintenance, customization costs, and more costs significantly cheaper because of the vehicle’s age and condition.

Does this mean that the quality of used vehicles is not as good? Absolutely not! Most used vehicles are thoroughly inspected, so you’ll have the same kind of quality assurance with buying a used vehicle just as much as a new one. This is because each used vehicle goes through a 140-point inspection by our highly-skilled service technicians before we sell it on our lot. Additionally, most dealerships have a Certified Program for their used vehicles to maintain and inspect them by the manufacturer’s standards and practices.

These were just a few of the benefits of buying either a new or used vehicle. While there’s no definitive answer on which one is right, you can always count on us here at Norden VW to help you make that decision for yourself. Come visit our dealership for more information on our vehicles, or even book a test drive on our website if you think you found something worth driving!